weight loss

Losing weight is one of the primary reasons most people enter the gym, and often one of the most challenging and confusing aspects! Training with Will can remove the guesswork and help you to achieve your weight loss goals in a safe and timely manner and improve your long-term health.

muscle gain

Want to look a certain way? Perhaps you'd like to be a little more muscular, make your muscles more visible and defined, or train for a physique based event. Will can help you to design your training to achieve the look you want.

strength training

Many people of all ages can benefit in their daily life by becoming stronger! Will can help you to strengthen your body, increase your muscle mass and bone density, improve your balance, coordination and quality of life by using scientifically based strength training.

boxing & muay thai

Improve your fitness, health and achieve your weight loss goals whilst learning useful self defence skills! Will has an extensive history of training and competing in combat sports and also holds a Level One Boxing Accreditation. These sessions can be done via a home visit or in the gym.

nutrition coaching

Remove the confusion surrounding what to eat and let Will help you make smarter food choices and gain valuable knowledge to achieve your physique or performance goals. Will is an accredited coach with Precision Nutrition and all recommendations are in accordance with the Australian Dietary Guidelines. Nutrition coaching can be done via online coaching or face to face.

group training

Train with a friend or small group and make it a little more fun! Group training is a great way of having fun, staying motivated and getting a great work out with your friends. Speak to us today to book a group training session.

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